Wuppo is a witty, charming and equally frustrating indie platformer game, available for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).


WAGG Rating

Overall rating

Overall Rating
The good
  • Creative hand drawn art
  • Unique characters & dialogue
  • Witty puzzles & challenges
The bad
  • Difficult boss & enemy fights
  • Easy to get stuck
  • Lackluster story line

What’s Wuppo?

Wuppo is an indie platformer game based around an adorable little rock-looking, ice cream loving character, known as a “wum”. Said wum, who remains nameless, is thrown out of his apartment (for spilling too much ice cream) and embarks on a journey to find a new home. His house hunting adventure is chock-full of collectibles, unique weapons and colorful friends & foes.

For the majority of the game, you jump to and fro platforms, using specials weapons and add-ons to defeat baddies and solve puzzles. The weapons are creative and use a twin-stick shooting mechanic to fire. Aside from weapons, there are plenty of other intriguing items the wum can sport, which can either be found or bought in-game.

Patience Is a Virtue

Upon first glance, the game appears innocent enough. The artwork is hand drawn and cutesy with nothing particularly threatening about it. Don’t let the cute packaging fool you, though; Wuppo is not for the faint of heart. The gameplay is rather challenging, and at times, downright frustrating. If you think you’re going to beat the game in a few hours, I have bad news for you. You won’t. Cute as it may be, Wuppo requires a great deal of focus, strategy & patience.

Speaking of patience, this game certainly tested mine. It’s super easy to get stuck, especially at the beginning levels. The game itself does not give you much insight on what to do when you get stuck, and because it’s not mainstream, finding tips on how to get unstuck online proved a little difficult as well. If the bird companion didn’t carry me back to safety I wouldn’t have even known I was doing something wrong half the time (curse you, sinkhole!). On top of getting stuck, there are a lot of areas that need to be repeated if/when you die.

Like a Boss

There are also times when the game feels overly difficult, especially during boss fights. A lot of pattern memorization and strategic planning is necessary when fending off the bigger baddies, which leads to massive amounts of time spent in one area and thoughts of chucking the controller. To be honest, though the gameplay is actually quite brilliant. It’s rare to find boss fights that take a significant amount of time and skill to beat in modern games. As frustrating as it may be, I feel like Wuppo pays homage to the retro days when defeating a boss meant something. I’m not sure I can fault the game for that.

A Hidden Gem

Overall, Wuppo is a decent game. While some of the mechanical and storyline aspects of the game are a little “meh”, there’s certainly more to love than not. Knuist & Perzik developed a unique game that doesn’t follow a particular formula, allowing it to stand out and provide the player with a unique experience. Wuppo brings its own flavor to the forefront in every aspect of the game, something many modern games cannot say they do.

Wuppo is like fine wine. Not everyone will appreciate it but the right crowd. Those who enjoy platformer games with a unique story & witty challenges should have no problem seeing Wuppo for the hidden gem that it is.

Wuppo is like fine wine. Not everyone will appreciate it but the right crowd.

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*Disclaimer: May contain affiliate links. The game was gifted to us for reviewing purposes. We have not been compensated for our review. All opinions are our own. Game tested on a PlayStation 4 console.

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