Fans Create Live Action Film of Naughty Dog’s ‘Uncharted’


Uncharted Fan Film Still

An Uncharted Uproar

With the official Uncharted movie still stuck in production, fans are getting antsy. For this reason, a talented film crew led by Nathan Fillion created a 15-minute live-action fan film based around the storyline and characters of the Uncharted series (Naughty Dog).

While the clip is short and sweet, it packs a mean punch. No detail was overlooked, down to the appearance, voices, and quirks of the game’s main characters (Nathan Drake, Victor “Sully” Sullivan & Elena Fisher). Even the one-liners and fight scenes are spot on and true to the game. Fillion’s team absolutely nailed the adaptation, leaving Uncharted fans across the globe begging for more.

You can view the video clip below, however, it’s possible that Sony may eventually have it removed. Here’s to hoping that Naughty Dog & Sony are just as floored by the creative short as we are! Do you think part 2 is on the horizon?

The Uncharted series is a PlayStation exclusive, available for PlayStation 4.

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