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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has finally dropped and fans are going CRAY CRAY! I myself am a humongous Resident Evil fan and was equally excited for this game to come out. Due to the nature of the game and the changes that were made (first person, more of a true horror game, etc.) it was predicted that a lot of people would be upset with the outcome. Am I, a tried and true Resident Evil fan disappointed with the new game? Nope, not one single bit! I’m actually quite in love with the it. Let’s dig in to why!

Please Note: This review does not contain any story line spoilers.

Resident Evil 7 Baker House

Keeps Gettin’ Better

As the title of the article may suggest, I’m not quite finished with the game but, so far, it just keeps getting better and better. The gameplay is really enthralling and seamless. I haven’t run into anything in particular that drives me crazy or that I think could be better. I don’t love all the locked doors but what would a Resident Evil game be without a series of locked doors in which you had to find the key off some crazy monster hybrid, right?

More Specifically..

Graphics – One of the most amazing aspects to the game is the graphics. They are gorgeous! I can only imagine what the game looks like playing on VR (I’m low key jealous of all of you that are playing it that way). I almost feel like I’m watching a movie at times, it’s THAT good!

Gameplay – I’m truly amazed by what they did with the gameplay. Yes, they’ve turned it into first person. No, we don’t see our beloved household name characters. HOWEVER, the gameplay is SO enthralling. I’ve never wanted to continue playing a game so badly (damn you, adulting). They’ve somehow managed to make a completely new type of game yet have enough elements of the original games sprinkled in (just in new & different ways) so that you don’t feel the whole “Resident Evil-ness” is lost. To be completely honest, the series really needed a refresher, as the last few games, to me, have felt a little stale and lacking storyline wise.

Weapons – Don’t worry, guys. Your handy dandy knife is still with you. And yes, different types of guns will be found and used – even some new unique weapons. One thing that is finally MUCH better is the aiming. It’s less clunky and just more – well, perfect. I can finally get some decent headshots!

Items – There are a lot of familiar items in the new game – plants to heal you, notes, relics/treasures, items to shoot for unlockables, etc. They pay homage to the classic Resident Evil with a bin to store extra stuff and sporadic saves through out the game. Don’t worry, saves are unlimited. 🙂

Characters – Resident Evil 7 features all new characters & they’re pretty robust! As much as I love Leon, Jill & the gang, I don’t really miss them in this game. Sorry, not sorry.

Plot – As promised, I’m not going to give much away here, but basically you’re playing as a man named Ethan who’s lovely wife, Mia, is missing in the creepy Baker house. The Bakers are a strange group of people who are seemingly cannibals and have the ability to switch off an on from a zombie-esque murderous state to some-what normal rednecks who are in desperate need of anger management.

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Let's Play

Buy It, Borrow It or Pass?

Buy it! Hands down! I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed in this game at all. It’s has the creep factor, a refreshing new plot and characters, fun puzzles, new monsters, new items, dope graphics and overall just a great atmosphere for any survival horror lover. Not to mention that this game will be hella fun to replay, as some of the choices can differ the experience and plot. But don’t take my word for it, you should go play it!

Try Before You Buy?

If you want to check out some of my Resident Evil 7 gameplay before you purchase the game (or just because), you can check out my stream below.


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