Indie Horror Game Perception Gets Release Date

Indie Horror Game Perception Gets Release Date


Horror Game Perception Gets Release Date We Are Gamer Girls
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Indie video game developer The Deep End Games announced earlier today that their long anticipated horror game Perception is finally being released Tuesday, May 30th 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Hide and Seek.. With A Deadly Twist

Perception is a first-person horror survival game set in a creepy mansion in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Players will be navigating the mansion as a blind woman, named Cassie, who has to has to depend on her heightened sense of hearing and wit to make her way through Echo Bluff. The mansion contains a supernatural force, referred to as “the presence”, in which Cassie will have to evade and outwit.

Tools wise, Cassie is only equipped with her advanced sense of hearing, smart phone and a walking stick. Cassie “sees” using echolocation, which she achieves by tapping her walking stick on the ground to illuminate the world around her. Her tools can also be her worst enemy, as they may make it that much easier for “the presence” to find her.

Perception is heavily rooted in hide-and-seek type gameplay. Cassie has to solve the mysteries of the mansion while successfully evading and manipulating “the presence”, who is able to end her life.

Behind Perception’s Talented Development Team

The idea of Perception was pioneered by Bill Gardener, one of the leading developers of the BioShock and Deadspace series. Bill branched off on his own and started The Deep End games, pitched the idea for Perception to fans, and earned the funding for it on Kickstarter. Perception is published by Feardemic.

You can find everything else you need to know on the game’s Kickstarter Page!

Perception Gameplay

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