Karts, Rifts & Hordes – Oh My!

Epic Games recently launched the fifth season of Fornite. Players can say goodbye to the Blockbuster event and hello to the Road Trip event, which includes some wild west flair. Here’s a brief overview of what’s all included in the Fornite Season 5 update:

 Battle Royale

The fifth season of Fortnite Battle Royale mode now includes:

Fortnite All Terrain KartAll Terrain Karts

The All Terrain Kart (ATK) is a 4-person driveable vehicle that has a bouncy roof & gains speed after drifting.

Fornite Seasons 5 RiftsRifts

Rifts, depicted by blue shimmers, teleport you back into the sky so you can glide to a new location of the map.

Save the World

The fifth season of Fortnite Save the World mode now includes:

challenge the horde mode fortnite 5Challenge the Horde Mode

Challenge the Horde mode is back and takes place in the new desert biome. This time there will also be storms, which reset after each wave.

Wild West Heroes

Gear up in all-new wild west attire.

  • Soldier– New subclass ‘First Shot’ featuring a new character named Rio.
  • Ninja – New subclass ‘Explosive Assassin’ featuring Ken.
  • Constructor – New subclass ‘Vintage-Tech’ featuring Penny.
  • Outlander – New subclass ‘Wild Fragment’ featuring Deadeye.

Fortnite Season 5 Flintock WeaponsFlintlock Weapons

The new season introduces us to wild-west era weapons.

  • Ol’ Betsy – A high-power sniper rifle.
  • The Duelist – A high damage revolver with a slow rate of fire.
  • Dragoon – A powerful short-range shotgun.
  • Fishing Hook – A slow, high damage scythe.
  • Sir Hootie – A heavy club with a “Home Run” attack.

Biomes & Locations

There are two new locations on the map as well as a new biome.

  • Desert (Biome) – You couldn’t have a wild west theme without a desert, of course.
  • Paradise Palms (Location) – A city settlement enclosed by a desert biome.
  • Lazy Links (Location) – A golf course that has playable 9-hole golf as well as golf carts.

Other Updates

Here are a few major items that were added or fixed in the fifth season update:

  • Progressive Challenges are now XP based, and no longer limited to seasons.
  • Final 3 storm circles (7,8 & 9) can now shift in direction.
  • Weekly challenges are split into two sections, free and Battle Pass.
  • You can now play Golf & Basketball in-game by purchasing certain emotes.

Starting today, Save the World will be on sale on Xbox, PS4, and PC for a limited time!

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