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We Are Gamer Girls | A Video Gaming Community

We Are Gamer Girls is a positive video gaming community that is supportive of, but not limited to, female gamers. Our team is comprised of both male and female gamers with diverse backgrounds, allowing us to discuss topics across all gaming platforms (no fanboy/girl-ism here).

We strive hard to bring you the latest gaming news, reviews & fun (such as giveaways, trivia, etc.). We also offer a forum for anyone looking to find help with a game, share tips & tricks or find online gaming buddies. Not to mention, we also offer some free gaming goodies for you to use, such as Instagram story templates and other awesome graphics. We’ll be opening a merchandise store soon so you can stock up on dope WAGG gear.

Regardless of what our name may suggest, we’re 100% inclusive. Our end game is to offer a positive, judgement free place for ALL gamers to go and feel welcome. There’s enough negativity and exclusivity in the world as is – we want to change that.